Plan your holiday to Perhentian

We provide a fast, easy and cost effective way for shuttle and private transfer service. Choose your ride and Accommodation. Traveling with a group? Shared? On your own? Business @ vacation? We've got option for your budget and travel plans.

Boat Perhentian
boat transfer

We offer boat ticket and also private boat transfer service. Plan your holiday budget.

Kuala Besut jetty to -
Perhentian Island (per pax/share)
Perhentian Island (per boat/private)
Perhentian Island to @ from
Redang Island
Lang Tengah Island
other services offer
Snorkeling trip
On Perhentian Island
Redang & Lang Tengah (min 7 pax)
Rawa & Susu Dara (min 5 pax)
Perhentian Island Tour
From @ to other places
Merang Jetty to@from Redang Island
Merang Jetty to@from Lang Tengah
Redang Island to@from Lang Tengah
Transfer Perhentian

Qualified and very experienced drivers with a perfect knowledge to assist you and will whisk you away to your destination

8 Seater van offer

from Kota Bharu airport @ Town to -
Kuala Besut jetty
Kota Bharu Hotel
Merang Jetty
Belum Rain Forest
From Kuala Besut jetty to :
K.Bharu airport @ Town
Merang Jetty
Tanah Merah Train Station
Rantau Panjang (Thai Border)
Kuala Terengganu Airport @ Town
Tasik Kenyir
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara)
Cameron Highland
Belum Rain Forest
daily Shuttle offer (March - Sept)
K. Besut to@from Taman Negara (K. Tahan)
Kuala Besut to@from Cameron Highland
Kuala Besut to@from Kota Bharu